Jay Saber has been a licensed Roofing Contractor since 1983,starting his roofing career in the San Diego area in 1980 after a few years training with the San Diego Roofers Union. He then relocated to the Sierra Foothills and ran Saber Roofing  in the Jackson area of Amador County. Jay and his 20 man crew became proficient at the installation of steep roofs in the snow country specializing in metal roofing. His licensed, bonded and insured company soon became the premier roofing company in Amador County completing many historical landmarks, commercial buildings and hundreds of residential reroofs, repairs and roof inspections for real estate companies.

Jay and Saber Roofing relocated to Redwood City in 1995 to open Saber Roofing Inc. and soon developed a 20 man crew and installed thousands of roofs from Palo Alto to South San Francisco over the next ten years, specializing in the high end roof systems, copper gutters, mansion and apartment building roof systems . Saber Roofing Inc.completed hundreds of roof inspections for real estate agents, manufacturers and testifying in regards to litigation and mediation between roofing disputes.

Jay then sold Saber Roofing Inc. to his son Ryan, who has turned Saber Roofing Inc. into a more successful company than Jay ever imagined.

Jay then moved to Santa Cruz and in 2005 continued to complete roof repairs and inspections for 6 years and realized there was a need for a consultant to facilitate the transfer of roofing companies from older contractors to younger men as he had done with his son Ryan.

Jay then facilitated the buy sell agreement and formation of Fassio Roofing Inc.for Mike Fassio to go from foreman in a local roofing company to being his own licensed roofing contractor which he completed in a three year period from 2012 to 2015.

Jay then began working with other contractors in helping them developing systems to become more profitable with less stress.

Jay currently has been working with Jonathon Rank developing Central Coast Roof and gutter cleaning and more recently, Six Star Roofing Inc. as a partner working with Jonathon as Jay steps away from actually working on the roofs and dedicating  his time beginning in 2022 to a full time consultant working with contractors to develop their business to run more smoothly with less stress and more profit.

One of Jay's goals are to pair up the older retiring contractors with the younger men who would like to learn the business, creating an exit strategy for the retiring contractors and enabling the younger men to take advantage of the experienced contractors.


  • A licensed Roofing Contractor since 1983 with the Contractors State license Board.
  • A member in good standing with the National Roofers Association.
  • A Certified Leader in the Mankind Project International.


I am writing about my experience of using Saber Consulting for both of my construction companies. I reached out to Jay Saber because I was l acking financial freedom and needed support in running Central Coast Roof and Gutter Cleaning as well as Six Star Roofing. Jay sat down with me and mapped out a clear plan and the steps it would take to develop a prosperous business. I put my faith in Mr. Saber and trusted his process and it paid off! Through adopting his system, I was able to meet the financial earning goals he told me I could reach. Using his system daily, I have improved my sales process, ability to know how much money I am making and stronger job management skills.

Through working with Saber Consulting for over three years it is crystal clear to me, Jay has a vast knowledge of the trades through many years of his own experience. He uses clear communication, is easy to reach, and I found his prices very reasonable for what I received through working with him.

Jonathon Rank

Six Star Roofing & Central Coast Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Jay Saber was incredibly helpful in the restructuring of my business systems, policies & administrative duties. On top of that he helped me redefine my relationship with office work, which was adversarial to say the least. He helped me recognize how tracking data/paperwork can bring room for creativity & profitability to a company.  Jay helped me simplify my accounting system, that I overcomplicated in my head.  This allowed me to track my expenses/overhead and it showed me where I was making money, losing money & how to course correct.  It was a master class in getting a degree in business without spending 4-6 yrs of my life in college & the debt that would go with it. Jay Saber was Disciplined, Organized & Empowering.

Autumn Lee MacIvor

Owner/Operator - Burning Daylight Construction LLC

I feel very lucky to have had such a long ongoing work relationship with Jay Saber and I am very grateful that he is still working in the construction industry as a consultant. Besides working alongside his successful roofing businesses, I also have been coached by Jay’s consultation business. Jay tuned into my specific area of construction and set up a business plan, helping me to create a successful career from start to finish: from promoting my business, keeping track of my expenses, making money on my projects, to asses how much work I can handle. All this, you can expect from Jay.

I have always loved building great projects and seeing the results of what I can do with my skills. But I overlooked the importance of running my business in a way that attracts the type of customer that appreciates those skills. Jay helped me learn to keep doing what I love to do, period.

Robert Armbrust

Owner - Armbrust Construction