Our Mission

Working with contractors to develop systems for their business that results in less stress, more profit, better service for their clients, themselves and the community.

Physical, Mental & Emotional Support

Being a successful contractor is much more than putting on a tool belt and swinging a hammer for 8 hours a day and cashing a  paycheck at the end of the week. It requires a myriad of tasks like keeping your body in shape and good health through a mix of adequate sleep, healthy diet, exercise etc. In addition you have to be aware of your attitude towards your clients, your fellow workers, the suppliers you work with on a daily basis and last but not least you have to be aware of your own mental and physical state.

I will help you overcome barriers to success by identifying and help you avoid limiting beliefs that may manifest themselves in your work. We will work together to remove all the roadblocks mentioned earlier and help you develop a healthy attitude, intention and demeanor which will enable you to successfully handle all aspects of your business with integrity and accountability. This will not only manifest itself in your bank account, but also inside your heart and allow you living and working true to your mission.

Ongoing Mentorship

There will be different phases of coaching on your journey to become successful with your business and to reach your goals: Sometimes I will be working with you ongoing and very frequently, other times I will be supporting you by holding your hand while establishing your goals, or I will be challenging you all the way.

Regardless what package you decide on, I will be there for answering questions with a once a week phone call, 4 times a month zoom call or with an in person consultation if you are local. I will do whatever it takes to support you on an ongoing basis, sporadic or on a schedule.

Exit Strategy

Having achieved a good degree of success over 30-40 years running a business and then realizing that you don't have an exit strategy may be hard to deal with. Realizing that you don't have a nest egg that allows you to retire, and that you will have to continue working as you get into your sixties, is a rude awakening. It doesn't have to be like that. There are young contractors who obtained their license in the last couple of years and don't have your experience and/or level of expertise but would love to work with an experienced mentor.

I have brokered quite a few buy-sell agreements where a seasoned contractor has teamed up with a junior contractor. I helped them develop a partnership whereby the senior contractor taught the less experienced person all about the business and enabled the junior contractor to work under his well established business name. Eventually the senior contractor was able to hand over the business and retire comfortably thanks to a mutually beneficial buy-sell agreement. The junior contractor was enabled to take over an established business with a well known phone number, a good name in the industry and was setup for success.

This scenario is real, proven and I will work with you to get real benefits from your business that you built up over the years.